Hot – Dip Galvanizing. Powder Coating. Duplex Coating (Zn + Polymer)

Hot - Dip Galvanizing. Powder Coating. Duplex Coating (Zn + Polymer)

Our company is a leader and sole complex supplier of professional services on anti – corrosion treatment of steel structures. Our services including the following :




The process of hot – dip galvanizing:

Immersion of a steel structure in a bath with a 450-degree zinc melt. After the structure is removed, an oxide-carbonate film is formed on the surface covered with zinc, a protective layer protecting from further oxidation.

The service life of the galvanized steel, with a thickness of, for example, 80-100 microns is 20 to 50 years, depending on the aggressiveness of the environment.

Powder coating (application of polymer coating):
Powder paint – this is fine powder, which consists, depending on the type of paint, of several ingredients.

Main ingredients  – these are resins (film formers), hardeners, fillers, coloring pigments, additives.

The powder is produced by the method of grinding the alloy from all components, so that the maximum uniformity of the powder is achieved, or by mixing the crushed components.

Powder coating, or in other words, applying a polymer coating to the surface, is performed on special equipment, and has been widely recognized by specialists due to the obtaining on the surfaces to be painted an extremely resistant coating that has a high aesthetic level to all kinds of influences.

Duplex coating ‘Zinc + Polymer’:

The process of applying a polymer coating to the hot-dip galvanized surface of a steel structure.

In the case of duplex coating, according to the American Galvanizers Association (USA), a significant synergistic effect is achieved, which can be represented by the following formula:

М duplex = from 1.5 to 2.3* (М zinc + М polymer coating)

М = the service life of the coating prior to the first maintenance.

Hot – dip galvanizing lines:

Hot – dip galvanizing is made using the following equipment in cities

Sarny, Rivne region

– Dimensions of the line are 10.5х3х1.6 m. The maximum length of steel structures to be galvanized on the equipment can be up to 12 m.


– Dimensions of the line are 7х3х1,5 m. he maximum length of steel structures to be galvanized on the equipment can be up to 6,9 m.

Powder coating line:

Powder coating application is provided on the equipment based in Sarny, Rinve region.

The dimensions of the line: 1.05 m х 1.49 m х 10 m. For the application of polymer coating, powder paints of the world’s leading manufacturers are used.

Selection of anti – corrosion coating for your projects

Depending on the task, the intended use environment and the required service life of the metal structures, the experts of EUROFORMAT Stalkonstrukcia will help you choose the required anti – corrosion protection method: either applying a protective coating to the steel structure separately, for example, zinc or polymer; or a complete solution – duplex coating “zinc plus polymer”.

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