Lighting Poles and Masts

Lighting Poles and Masts

We offer the supply of steel galvanized round and polyhedral lighting supports and masts.

The service life of our supports and masts is 25-30 years, with the possibility of increasing to 55 years, at the request of the customer, by additional application of polymer powder coating.

Poles and masts undergo anti-corrosion protection by hot-dip galvanizing – the products are immersed in a bath with molten (450-460 ° C) zinc. The thickness of the zinc coating is 120 microns, which in turn provides anti-corrosion protection for 25-30 years. The zinc coating does not require repair and surveillance, while the paintwork requires constant inspection and periodic repairs.

The service life of the coating can be increased, for an additional 25 years, by applying a powdered polymer coating over the zinc coating. This practice is especially relevant for the conditions of the aggressive external environment of modern cities.

Our poles and masts have the following advantages:

Thanks to the conical shape and octagonal or circular cross-section of the poles, a lightweight, durable and robust structure is simultaneously available, capable of withstanding significant vibration and wind loads;


The elasticity of the steel structure makes it possible to minimize the negative consequences of road accidents involving the collision of vehicles with poles.

The steel pole deforms, and thus serves as a kind of bumper.


The high-quality steel used in the manufacture of poles has considerable resistance to static and dynamic loads.

Special attention is paid to the control of the silicon content, which is necessary to obtain a high-quality anti – corrosive layer in the process of hot-dip galvanizing;

Ease of installation and dismantling

Due to the low weight, the installation of steel poles can be carried out using the most low-powered mechanisms or even manually, the replacement of the damaged poles with the flange foot is the easiest one as it does not require the dismantling of the foundation;


Hot-dip galvanized products with a polymer coating organically fit into the urban landscape;

Experience of implementation of large-scale projects by the manufacturer

Our company has positive experience in implementing projects of the lighting of cities and infrastructure objects.

Quality of production

Our well – equipped factory and highly qualified personnel guarantee the high quality of the goods and services.

We pay large attention to quality of our products and services.

High quality standards are maintained by us at all stages of production and delivery

From the development of the design to the production of the finished product and its installation at a construction site. This approach is not just a guarantee of success of our company, but a must – be condition for its existence on the market.

This is due to the fact that the products are used in the construction of facilities with increased requirements for safety and reliability, such as stadiums, airports, etc.

Often these are places of mass gathering of people, important industrial and energy facilities, infrastructure facilities – streets, shopping centers, parking lots, sports facilities, roads, etc.

High quality of goods and services is provided by the existing in the production division of the company, Metal Products Plant Ltd, certified quality assurance system ISO 9001:2015, which cover all processes in our company including design and production of ready products.

We produce round and polygonal lighting poles and masts.

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