Steel Grating

Types of grating

Our company manufactures pressed and welding grating.

We produce pressed steel grating on Germany made equipment. EUROFORMAT Stalkonstrukcia offers the best prices and terms of delivery on steel pressed grating of different dimensions and types.

In addition, we produce welded grating of different types using semi – finished black mats. 

EUROFORMAT Stalkonstrukcia provides anti – corrosion HDG coating using own hot – dip galvanizing line. The application of HDG coating extends the time of anti – corrosion protection for the period from 20 to 50 years.

Our production capacity is up to 600 MT of ready products per month.

Metal grating is applied in projects in many industries:

— Industrial construction;

— Dwelling and public buildings construction;

— Food industry and agriculture;

— Marine industry;

— Oil -, gas – and chemical industries.

For instance, metal grating is actively used for interior construction projects as covering of ventilation channels and drainage systems; masking of heating and ventilation engineering solutions. Staircases, shelves, ramps and many other products are made using steel grating.

The application area of steel grating is so large, that it is only limited by the imagination of architects, designers and workers.

Our products correspond to the following standards

DIN 24537-1 – Gratings used as floor coverings – Part 1: Metal gratings;

DIN 24531-1 – Gratings used as stair treads – Part 1: Metal gratings;

Local DSTU B V.6-75:2008 and SNiP ІІІ-18-75 standards.


Our company obtained a large experience of supply of steel grating to customers in Ukraine, Russia and some CIS countries, EU.

Competitive advantages

Our customers can rely on quality and safety of our grating. The quality of production agree to the best standards. Our production unit is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN 1090-1,2 EXC3. Terms of deliveries of our grating correspond to demands of the most exacting Customers.

We produce steel grating and products on its base using S 235 JR or St3sp (S285) steel.


Our pressed grating is constructed from bearing bars into which transverse bars are pressed. Then grating panel is finished with a profiled frame strip.

The above – mentioned process guarantees much more large durability, reliability and safety of the ready grating. It secures also uniform, symmetrical and precise structure of cells of the pressed grating. From the other side, multi – level quality assurance system of our production unit ensures compliance of geometrical dimensions of ready products to specifications.


Quality management system


The production unit in Sarny supports ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system.

Welding production is certified according ISO 3834-2. According to the received ISO 3834-2 certificate, we use welding processes 111, 121, 135. We are certified to work with raw materials which belong to groups 1.1, 1.2 (ISO/TR 15608).

The Factory production control (FPC) system of our production unit is certified according EN 1090 1,2 , EXC 3. We have a right to export CE marked steel structures for EU customers.

The quality control department is headed by the specialist with International Welding Inspector qualification.

Visual and Ultra – sound types of NDT are used during the production process. The control of zinc coating after HDG is provided in accordance with ISO 1461:2009.

The production unit has an agreement with an independent ISO certified laboratory, so other types of NDT control are possible on demand from the side of customers.

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