Grating types

There are many areas of application of metal grating including the following.

— Industrial construction projects;

— Dwelling construction, exterior and interior projects;

— Food processing industry and agriculture;

— Marine industry;

—  Oil & gas industry;

—  Chemical industry etc.

Steel grating is widely used for interior projects, say for covering of ventilation channels or drainage systems, ceiling masking of engineering solutions for heating and conditioning etc. Staircases, shelving solutions and ramps are produced on the base of metal grating. Steel grating can be used for construction of pedestrian bridges, overpasses, traps, staircases etc. etc.

Steel zink coated grating is universal in applications, very steady against physical loading and harsh environmental impact. It can be used for interior as well as for exterior projects. In addition, steel grating has excellent carrying capacity, attractive appearance, passes water and liquids etc.

We offer the following range of products:

– Industrial use grating

– Standard grating

– Staircases

– Fencing solutions

– Shelving solutions

– Ramps

– Systems of ventilation, water purification and filtration

Advantages of steel grating of our production:

– High level of safety and durability because of large bearing capacity and small metal consuming characteristics;

– High quality of production. The best results are obtained by using German made equipment and raw materials from European suppliers. The QAS of the production plant is certified by EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN 1090-1,2 EXC3.

– Excellent aesthetic appearance;

– Absence of additional reinforcing ribs;

– Air – proof and water – water proof characteristics;

– No moisture and mud accumulation on surfaces;

– Fast assembling;

– Any geometrical shapes are available;

– Wear resistance;

– Fast interchangeability;

– Environmental safety;

The areas of application of metal grating are so large, that they are limited only by the imagination of architects and designers. Price – to – Quality ratio on our products are the best on the market.

Quality management system

The production unit in Sarny supports ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system.

Welding production is certified according ISO 3834-2. According to the received ISO 3834-2 certificate, we use welding processes 111, 121, 135. We are certified to work with raw materials which belong to groups 1.1, 1.2 (ISO/TR 15608).

The Factory production control (FPC) system of our production unit is certified according EN 1090 1,2 , EXC 3. We have a right to export CE marked steel structures for EU customers.

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