Durable Grating-Based Ramps

We produce ramps based on steel grating.

A ramp is an inclined plane installed instead of stairs.

Our company produces vehicle ramps as well as wheelchair ramps.

We offer you grating – based vehicle and wheelchair ramps which have many competitive advantages comparing, say with concrete ramps:

– Large bearing capacity with relatively small weight comparing to concrete structures;

– Fast installation or dismounting;

– Anti-skid properties, no accumulation of water or mud;

– Excellent esthetic appearance.

Our Price to Quality ratio on grating – based ramps is the best on the market!

Quality management system

The production unit in Sarny supports ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system.

Welding production is certified according ISO 3834-2. 

According to the received ISO 3834-2 certificate, we use welding processes 111, 121, 135. We are certified to work with raw materials which belong to groups 1.1, 1.2 (ISO/TR 15608).

The Factory production control (FPC) system of our production unit is certified according EN 1090 1,2 , EXC 3. We have a right to export CE marked steel structures for EU customers.

The quality control department is headed by the specialist with International Welding Inspector qualification.

Visual and Ultra – sound types of NDT are used during the production process. The control of zinc coating after HDG is provided in accordance with ISO 1461:2009.

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