Footsteps for Straight and Spiral Staircases

Footsteps for Straight and Spiral Staircases

We manufacture and supply footsteps for straight and spiral staircases. Our company offers you footsteps for straight and spiral staircases made on the basis of metal grating.

Pressed steel gratings is an ideal solution for the manufacture of safe and reliable footsteps of straight and spiring staircases, stair lendings, as well as stair flights in civil and industrial construction; projects of oil & gas as well as agri companies, etc. Actually, the use of such grating – based staircases is limited by the design of a building or premise, but not by their functionality.

Steps for straight stairs 

Standard footsteps have side members 70×3 mm welded to the bearing bars with holes for bolt fastening. We produce footsteps which are made framed by strip steel along the height of the bearing bar for laying on the stair carriage.

As a rule, higher requirements of anti-skid are imposed on the footsteps. In accordance with the international requirements of DIN 24531, the footsteps are framed along the leading edge with an anti-slip edging with two rows of holes with domed borders.

Steel footsteps with anti-slip edges is the only safe solution available at the moment in the market.

Standard sizes of footsteps

Length: L = 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1200 mm;
Width: b = 210, 240, 260, 270, 305 mm;
Cell Size: 33/11; 33/22; 33/33; 33/44; 33/66;
Bearing Strip: 30/2; 30/3; 35/3 (order items up to 50/3);
Width of the footsteps: up to 1200 mm (up to 3000 mm with a supporting structure made of a channel section).

According to the German quality standard for gratings RAL-GZ 638, the footsteps which were made of pressed gratings must withstand the following loading on the ending of the steps:
with a maximum width of 1200 mm. – load of 1.5 kN (in civil construction – 2.0 kN), acting in the center and dispensed over an area of 100 x 100 mm.

Footsteps for spiral staircases

The use of pressed gratings for the manufacture of qualitative foosteps for spiral staircases gives an opportunity to make a stairway not only beautiful, but also safe.

This is especially relevant when stairs are placed outside the premise. It is important to use materials that are resistant to different weather conditions, which, even when wet or covered with ice and snow, provide the necessary safety.

Footsteps for spiral staircases made of pressed grating allow you to create structures of great design. In addition to their aesthetic features, they are functional, strength, reliable, secure, price efficient, easy to install and repair.

Due to the huge variety of solutions, footsteps for spiral staircases are usually not standard products and are made to order. However, there are also typical products:

Cell Size: 33/11; 33/22: 33/33; 33/44;
Bearing Strip: 30/2 (short);
Framing: 70/5 (without or together with the connecting sleeve 127x 4.5 mm).

We produce footsteps for spiral staircases of various sizes. Sure, we are ready to produce the whole staircases.

We supply hot – dip galvanized or black products.

The price / quality ratio on the grating – based footsteps of our production is the best offer on the market!

Quality management system


The production unit in Sarny supports ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system.

Welding production is certified according ISO 3834-2. According to the received ISO 3834-2 certificate, we use welding processes 111, 121, 135. We are certified to work with raw materials which belong to groups 1.1, 1.2 (ISO/TR 15608).

The Factory production control (FPC) system of our production unit is certified according EN 1090 1,2 , EXC 3. We have a right to export CE marked steel structures for EU customers.

The quality control department is headed by the specialist with International Welding Inspector qualification.

Visual and Ultra – sound types of NDT are used during the production process. The control of zinc coating after HDG is provided in accordance with ISO 1461:2009.

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