Steel structures for construction

Steel Structures for Construction

We are well – established, well – equipped and experienced manufacturer of kinds of construction steel structures including beams, trusses, crossbars, ties, columns, supports, fachwerks, galleries, platforms, overpasses, etc.


Since 2007, we have been manufacturing standard and unique steel structures. Our company fulfilled hundreds of projects for customers in Ukraine, Russia and CIS, some EU countries. 


Our production unit, Metal Products Plant, Ltd, Sarny, is certified for accordance with European norms EN 1090-2,ISO 3834-2 standard. The quality management system was implemented and functions in accordance with requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

We pay special attention to the training of our personnel involved in the welding production of metal structures. The welding coordinator has a qualification of International Welding Engineer. The deputy welding coordinator was certified for compliance to the qualification level of International Welding Specialist. The group of welders were certified by ISO 9606-1 and ISO 14732.

The building metal structures of our production are used in industrial and civil construction of buildings and structures, shops, warehouses, shopping and entertainment centers etc.

The manufacturing process of metal structures consists of a number of stages, each of which takes place under close supervision of experts of the Quality Control Department:

Input control of raw materials.
The technical control specialists carefully check the compliance of the raw materials with the specifications of the contracts, the quality certificates of the manufacturing plants, the requirements of standards and technical conditions.

Cleaning of raw materials.
The production unit of our company has the necessary equipment for cleaning metal from rolling mill scale and rust;

The production of parts of steel structures in accordance with proper process charts.
Metal Products Plant, Ltd is well – equipped with steel processing machines of the leading world brands. It gives a possibility to make different details with high accuracy level.

Assembling of details of steel structures by detailing drawings
The assembling is made by experienced specialists under the control of representatives of Quality Control Department.

The technologies of welding which we use in our production are in accordance with requirements of ISO 15614-1. We use 135 and 121 types of welding (EN ISO 4063) of materials of groups 1.1 and 1.2 (ISO 15608). As we mentioned earlier, we pay great attention to the teaching of welding personnel.

Final shot blasting of finished structures
The shot blasting line of our production unit allows us to prepare the steel surface to Sa 2 ½ level according to ISO 8501-1.

Hot dip galvanizing

Anti-corrosive protection of metal structures in our company is mainly done by hot dip galvanizing. Metal Products Plant Ltd has own Germany made hot dip galvanizing line. We have also the line of powder coating of steel structures. Duplex coating (HDG plus powder coating) can be provided on demand of Customers.

Packing of steel structures and preparation for dispatch.
Packaging of steel structures is carried out in accordance with the requirements of Customers and proper standards. Each element of the construction is accompanied by a factory quality certificate. For deliveries to the countries of the European Union we provide CE Declaration of Conformity and Declaration of Performance. If necessary, we provide also a certificate of origin, for exampleEUR-1.

Quality management system

The production unit in Sarny supports ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system.

Welding production is certified according ISO 3834-2. According to the received ISO 3834-2 certificate, we use welding processes 111, 121, 135. We are certified to work with raw materials which belong to groups 1.1, 1.2 (ISO/TR 15608).

The Factory production control (FPC) system of our production unit is certified according EN 1090 1,2 , EXC 3. We have a right to export CE marked steel structures for EU customers.

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