Mountings for PV Modules

We produce supports and mounting for ground – based PV power stations.

The following products are available:

Sigma posts This type of posts has good strength characteristics due to its shape. Even with relatively small thickness Sigma posts can withstand heavy loads. It is the optimal solution for use as a load-bearing structure.

C – profile posts. As well as Sigma posts, C-profile is used as a load-bearing structure. It is less rigid comparing to a Sigma post, but more simple fastening systems can be used.

PV mounting systems They consist of several types of profiles and fastenings which are mounted as an integrated system at the construction site.

Anti – corrosion protection of steel parts is secured by hot – dip galvanizing The application of HDG increases the life – time of the PV mounting systems by 20-30 years. We provide HDG using Germany made hot – dip galvanizing line.

If our customers are interested,we can provide also duplex coating of the mounting parts.

Duplex coating is especially effective for PV PS projects where harsh environment is presented because it is a great barrier for corrosion and can increase the life – time of steel parts by several decades.

EUROFORMAT Stalkonstrukcia has a large experience of participation in the projects of construction of ground – based PV power stations in Ukraine. In addition, we gained an experience of supply of steel parts for PV PS into Germany.

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