Мостовое барьерное ограждение

We produce bridge safety barriers

Standards: GOST 26804-86, GOST 26804-2012, ST RK 1278-2004, ST RK GOST R 52607-2010, TU U V.2.3-28.1-32453930-004:2009, EN 1317-1:2010, EN 1317-2:2010, DSTU B V.2.3-12-2004.

The bridge safety barriers are designed to prevent driving down of vehicles from the roadway of bridges or overpasses, collisions with oncoming vehicles.

The Euroformat company together with the state enterprise RosdorNII, in 2008, developed new technical specifications for TU U V. 2.3 — 28.1 — 32453930 — 004: 2009. New design solutions were applied. Also, the development of the barriers took into account the experience of major European manufacturers.

All types of structures were tested at the FSUE NAMI training ground in Dmitrov, Moscow Region, and recognized as conforming to the European standards EN 1317-1: 2010, EN 1317-2: 2010.

Bridge one-side single-tier barriers









Bridge one-side two-tier barriers  









Our company also cooperates with PASSCO UA in the field of license production of bridge safety barriers.





















Main advantages of our products:

• All elements of the bridge safety barriers are galvanized by the method of hot dip galvanizing, which provides the maximum possible service life in comparison with other methods of anti — corrosion treatment.

• Production capacities and stocks of finished products allow us to provide their delivery in the shortest possible terms of time.

• In order to reduce the metal consumption of structures and, consequently, the cost per running meter, Euroformat invests considerable material and technical resources in the development of new products and the improvement of bridge safety barrier structures.

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